What we do

Whether you are having water issues in your basement or yard, we’ve developed logical solutions that have been proven on many homes.

Do you need to spend a huge amount to waterproof your basement? Maybe not. EVERY situation is completely different from the next. An analysis doesn’t cost anything and we’ll help you understand what is involved with YOUR specific situation.

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Are you tired of a wet, muddy back
yard? We can help!

If you already know exactly what you want to accomplish, then we can get you a proposal to consider right away. However, if there are other, less costly options, we’ll present them for you to consider

How May I Help You?

We’ve seen annual or bi-yearly basement water situations remain completely dry for over a decade simply by installing berms to direct overland heavy rain flows away from the home.
We’ve seen basement water infiltration from improperly caulked window to brick sill situations. The homeowner was stumped as to why the basement leaked ONLY when there was a heavy east wind. We found it, solved it and we still get referrals from the family today.

We’ve even seen foundations damaged simply because of poorly directed downspouts. Over many years, consistent wet clay, of which we have a LOT in Wisconsin, freezes, thaws, and each freeze is a force to be reckoned with! Frozen water can shatter steel pipes, so just imagine what it is doing to your foundation every winter!

  • Drainage Solutions
  • Hardscaping Services
  • Yard Water Resolution
  • Basement Water Resolution
  • French Drains
  • Wall Systems, Swales
  • Wisconsin State Licensed
  • Wisconsin State Mandate Insured

If you are going to invest in a dramatic and costly basement remodel, you’ll want to be sure of no surprises. If you are just leaving your basement unfinished, it doesn’t hurt anything to try some low cost alternatives. Either way, we deliver solid solutions!

A new sump system is a lot of work involving breaking out literally tons of concrete, installing the system then properly compacting the stone and installing new concrete. Some times, all the concrete has to go trough a window!

Excavating and waterproofing your existing basement walls is also no easy task. You’ll want trusted professionals doing the work. Because we’re an operator-owner company with very high skill sets, we will deliver the best standards, but at a more reasonable  cost than the corporate companies. Call, email or text us for a friendly, uncomplicated assessment from proven, licensed professionals. We’ll offer options so you can see the value of our service!